[Sutopuri English Subs] STPR Staff’s Ranking: Who acts the most “handsome”? (Part 1)【すとぷり切り抜き】

taken from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=To51Vkl_SlU

alright. hey there!! long time no see!!!
Actually I’m still quite active in Twitter all this time, but I just don’t have the energy and motivation to translate more clips. When I realize, it’s been more than a year since I last posted anything lol

Anyways! This was a request from an anon in my tl acc’s curious cat! The request was a reeeeally long stream so I cut it to only one part of the ranks, but it’s still very long, so I divide it into two parts. I cut some commentaries in between too because again, it’s too long, but I made sure to keep the fun parts. Feel free to request if there’s a specific clip you want to be translated too, although I can’t guarantee that I’ll be quick on it!

Anddd just like how I said in my last translation, I’ll still translate them whether there are six, five, four, or even less people in the stream. I’ll continue translating requests first, maybe some that I personally like too. Thank you for watching, and please check Sutopuri out!

Members in the video:

Satomi / @satoniya_
Colon / @colon56n_stpr
Riinu / @riinukun
Root / @root_stpr

Sutopuri @StrawberryPrince

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Sutopuri translation account (unofficial)!

I’m planning on translating more contents for them so please look forward to it!

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